The ReShape Procedure  is proven to help people achieve and maintain significant weight loss. In a recent study, patients lost more than twice as much weight with ReShape than with diet and exercise alone.

What is ReShape?
The ReShape Procedure is a new, FDA approved, nonsurgical approach to weight loss. ReShape may be a good weight loss option for people who do not want or do not qualify for surgery.

ReShape jump starts your weight loss by placing two connected saline-filled gastric balloons, made of medical-grade silicone, inside your stomach for six months. The weight loss balloon takes up room in your stomach so there’s less space for food and you feel full faster. Clinically proven, the ReShape weight loss procedure is helping people around the world lose weight and keep it off. But perhaps most importantly, patients are embracing their futures, improving their health, and feeling more confident than ever.

Am I a candidate?
To qualify for ReShape, you must be an adult with a BMI from 30-40. Individuals with a BMI over 40 can enroll in the GIA 180 Weight Management program, helping you lose enough weight to lower your BMI to the 30-40 range and qualify for ReShape. ReShape then can help as you continue your weight loss journey.

How does ReShape work?
With ReShape, two connected balloons filled with saline are placed temporarily inside your stomach in an outpatient medical setting. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes while you are comfortably sedated under light anesthesia. The balloons remain in the stomach for six months, helping you lose weight and encouraging healthy eating habits by taking up room in your stomach. You still can eat the healthy foods you enjoy, but the balloons act as built-in portion control, helping you feel full and less hungry.

The balloons are a weight loss jump-start and are only part of the process. You also receive a full year of personalized coaching to support your success and help you make changes that will encourage a lifetime of healthy living. ReShape combines the portion-controlling benefits of the balloons with comprehensive coaching to change your eating habits, enhance your physical fitness and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle that supports long-term success.

Most ReShape patients keep the weight off or continue to lose, even after the balloons are removed.

Note: The ReShape™ Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure is a cash pay procedure and currently is not covered by medical insurance. Financing is available.