Ramona – From 205 to 151, from hopeless to happy

As a 54-year-old woman, I didn’t just wake up obese one day. It was years of bad habits and lack of control that made and kept me overweight. I had attempted many weight loss methods and would typically lose 10 to 15 pounds and then gain it back. It was a vicious cycle of gain, lose a little, gain more. The constant up and down was defeating, and I could not get motivated!

For me, low self-esteem and poor clothing options were important but secondary reasons to join GIA 180. My husband works at GIA and told me about the program, and I decided to try ORBERA for my health. My triglycerides were out of control, and I struggled with diabetes, had high blood pressure and was tired all the time. I knew I could have the procedure and pursue a healthier lifestyle, or I could continue down the road of poor health and increased risk of illness.

Hopeless is the one word that best described me before the procedure. Today, one word can’t capture what I’m feeling – I am excited, encouraged and empowered!

I am off all diabetes medications, and my blood pressure medicine has been cut to a low dose. I am so thankful that GIA 180 provided this wonderful, life-changing opportunity for me. Within two days of having the ORBERA balloon placed in my stomach, my life began to change. Each time I logged my food into MyFitness pal, I realized I was making a conscious decision to improve my health one bite, one step and one smile at a time.

On the day of my procedure I weighed in at 205 pounds and am celebrating now at 154. Although I need to lose 14 more pounds to reach my goal, I know that with accountability to my GIA 180 team leaders and commitment to myself, I will get there much sooner than later. I am blessed to have this team walk with me on my journey to better health.

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