Quality & Performance

At GIA, our hallmark is performance-based quality care. Our quality assurance and performance improvement programs provide measurable outcomes, allowing us to continually track performance quality and provide the best possible service.

Adenoma Detection Rate: GIA physicians detect and remove significantly more precancerous polyps through screening colonoscopies for both men and women than national benchmark goals.

An adenoma is a precancerous colon polyp as opposed to a benign polyp. The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy sets national standards for GI practices in detection of adenomas. This national goal is to detect and remove adenomas in 25% of men and women combined. Gastrointestinal Associates consistently surpasses that goal.

Successful Colonoscopies to Cecum: GIA physicians successfully complete colonoscopies in significantly higher percentages than national benchmark goals.

The cecum is considered the beginning of the large intestine, and a colonoscopy is complete if the entire large intestine, or colon, is visualized. The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy sets the national benchmark goal at 95 percent (allowing for some anatomical or surgical changes in patients that prevent complete colonoscopies).

Patient satisfaction: 94.1% of patients rated GIA and its Endoscopy Centers a 9 or 10, compared to 90.2% at 150 comparable AmSurg GI centers and to a national baseline of 85.0%.

Patient satisfaction: 93.5% of patients are likely to recommend GIA, compared to 88.7% at 150 comparable AmSurg GI centers and to a national baseline of 82.0%. 


Our excellent staff and highly trained physicians are key to providing the highest quality of care. Our rate of detection of precancerous polyps during a colonoscopy exceeds national benchmarks, significantly reducing the number of cancers developing later in our patients. Our full compliance program with both internal and external chart and billing audits assures that we provide proper and accurate documentation, coding and billing.

Measuring performance to advance quality care is gaining national attention, and we are setting the standard. Rest assured that you will be well cared for by the team at Gastrointestinal Associates.