The ORBERA™ comprehensive two-part program is designed to provide effective, motivating results that you can see and measure. With ORBERA, patients on average lose 3.1 times the weight they would with diet and exercise alone.

What is ORBERA?
ORBERA is the global market leader for gastric balloons, and the only balloon to be recognized by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy for having demonstrated its ability to safely and effectively manage obesity.

ORBERA has a more than 20-year history of helping people lose weight, and more than 220,000 people across 80 countries have chosen ORBERA as their weight loss balloon. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it for use in the United States in August 2015.

Am I a candidate?

To qualify for ORBERA, you must be an adult with a BMI from 30-40. Individuals with a BMI over 40 can enroll in the GIA 180 Weight Management program, helping you lose enough weight to lower your BMI to the 30-40 range and qualify for ORBERA. ORBERA then can help as you continue your weight loss journey.

How does ORBERA work?

The ORBERA soft balloon is placed in your stomach using an endoscope (a nonsurgical procedure requiring only a mild sedative). Once in place, the balloon is filled with saline until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. By taking up space in your stomach, it reinforces portion control, helping you eat smaller meals for a period of up to six months. You will continue to receive coaching from a team of experts after the balloon is removed to help ensure long-term results.

At six months, the balloon is removed in the same way it was placed. It’s deflated and then removed using an endoscope while you are under mild sedation. Both procedures typically take about 20-30 minutes, so you can go home the same day.

Note: The ORBERA™ Managed Weight Loss Program is a cash pay procedure and currently is not covered by medical insurance. Financing is available.

From hopeless to happy, from 205 to 151

Ramona’s Story

As a 54-year-old woman, I didn’t just wake up obese one day. It was years of bad habits and lack of control that made and kept me overweight. I had attempted many weight loss methods and would typically lose 10 to 15 pounds and then gain it back. It was a vicious cycle of gain, lose a little, gain more. The constant up and down was defeating, and I could not get motivated!

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Years gained, weight lost for a longer life

John’s Story

Before GIA 180, I had a history of gaining weight, dropping 10 pounds and then gaining it back. I was working out, but with no real purpose in mind. I basically ate whatever I wanted. Portion control and calories meant nothing to me. When the doctor put me on a second medication for Type 2 diabetes and started talking about insulin, it was like shock therapy.

I thought: This is going to kill you if you don’t do something about it.

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