John Testimonial

John – Weight lost, years gained for a longer, healthier life

Before GIA 180, I had a history of gaining weight, dropping 10 pounds and then gaining it back. I was working out, but with no real purpose in mind. I basically ate whatever I wanted. Portion control and calories meant nothing to me. When the doctor put me on a second medication for Type 2 diabetes and started talking about insulin, it was like shock therapy.

I thought: This is going to kill you if you don’t do something about it.

I knew Dr. Overholt well and really trusted him; it was his advice that helped me make the decision to try GIA 180 and the ORBERA balloon. Now, everything has changed.

I work out three or four days a week on a regular basis. I use MyFitness Pal and log what I eat. I’m a calorie guru and make smart choices to maximize my calories, snacking on healthy choices like almonds. I went from a 40 waist to a 35 waist. I’m 69 and went from a metabolic age of 84 to 60. I reached my goal weight and set a new goal weight, and my lean muscle mass has increased considerably. I’m taking half the medication I was before, and my blood sugar levels are in the normal range.

I attribute my success to three things: the ORBERA balloon, which helps with portion control; GIA’s dynamic team approach that includes doctors, a nutritionist, exercise physiologist and group meetings; and my own determination. If you’re not ready to make significant lifestyle changes, no program or surgery will work. This is not a diet. It’s not a quick fix. If, however, you’re serious about making a commitment to your health, GIA 180 will help you reach your goals and change your life – as it did mine.

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