Insurance Information

We recognize the need for a definite understanding between the patient and the doctor concerning health care and the financial arrangements for this medical care. Our commitment is to provide the very best health care for our patients, while recognizing the need to limit services to only those that are necessary for each patient.

The responsibility for payment of fees for these services is the direct obligation of the patient. Any financial payment a patient may receive from private insurance or government agencies is a matter strictly between the patient and the insurance carrier or government agency. Our physicians are participating Medicare physicians and do accept assignment on Medicare patients, but any deductible or co-payment is the patient’s responsibility. The same responsibility exists for HMOs or PPOs that our physicians participate in. Our receptionists and billing department will provide assistance if needed with your insurance inquiries.

Our fees reflect the time spent by the doctor with you, the patient, the specialized nature of the doctor’s training and the individual diagnostic studies performed. Our fees are comparable to other similarly trained specialists in the community. We will discuss any fees with you at any time, and encourage you to inquire as to a fee before a service is rendered.

Part of the increased cost of medical care is caused by an extraordinary amount of insurance paperwork. In order to reduce these costs, which allows us to keep our charges as low as possible, we ask that you be prepared to pay for routine office visits and co-payments when the service is rendered.

Of course, the fees for care during hospitalizations or for specialized procedures can be paid on any mutually agreeable basis. Please let us know if you are having any particular financial problem – you will find us understanding and patient. Extra insurance forms, letters to lawyers, etc. will necessitate an extra fee due to additional paperwork and time involved.