The staff and physicians at Gastrointestinal Associates are proud to give back to East Tennessee in many ways. In 2014, we formalized our community giving efforts by creating GIA Gives: Generosity in action.

GIA Gives identifies worthy causes in our community and finds opportunities to give, volunteer and help. The GIA Gives committee meets regularly to select nonprofits with which to partner and participate in a monthly volunteer activity.

Keep an eye out for updates here and on social media to see our “generosity in action!”

To make it a team effort, Gastrointestinal Associates held an internal contest for the GIA Gives logo design at the launch of the program. LPN Kathrine Webster submitted the winning design.

Current and past nonprofit partners:

Gastrointestinal Associates CEO Jeff Dew (right) presents a check for $500 to Daniel Watson, co-founder and executive director of The Restoration House, in December. GIA staff raised the money internally through the GIA Gives program. The Restoration House helps low-income single mothers and their children through supportive transitional housing, ally teams and family advocacy.