Are you a yo-yo dieter, stuck in a loop of losing and regaining weight? Have you noticed the scale numbers creeping up over the last few years and need to deal with the extra weight? Or have you received a diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure or other obesity-related issue?

What is GIA 180 Weight Management?

Whatever the motivation for change, losing weight is the best way to improve your health, and we can help you take the first step toward changing your life. Regardless of how much weight you want to lose, here’s where to start. Led by Clinical Director Melissa Mahan and Dietitian Katelyn Bianconi and overseen by our physicians, our weight management program provides counseling, coaching, support and accountability to help you learn how to start losing weight, how to succeed in reaching your goal weight and how to maintain a healthy weight for life.

Am I a candidate?

Anyone can enroll in the GIA 180 Weight Management program, regardless of your weight or BMI and whether you want to lose 100 pounds or 10 pounds. Use GIA 180 Weight Management to kick start a big weight loss journey, to lose that extra few pounds you can’t shed alone or learn more about how to maintain a stable weight.

GIA 180 Weight Management can help you lose weight in order to reach a BMI of 30-40 to qualify for ORBERA or ReShape.

How does GIA 180 Weight Management work?

GIA 180 Weight Management is an individualized, hands-on program. Our team will create a personalized plan to fit you and your goals. We provide support groups and education classes monthly. In addition to regular office visits, you’ll also receive accountability and coaching through tools like MyFitnessPal and other regular electronic communication to help you stay on track and reach your goal weight.