GIA 180 leads the way in bariatric endoscopy

As I shared at the 2016 GI Roundtable, I believe that helping patients lose weight and maintain weight loss is one of the single most …

Ready to lose weight? We’re here to help.

I am pleased to announce Gastrointestinal Associates’ launch of GIA 180, a new weight loss management division that uses a balanced, multifaceted and surgery-free approach …

New cancer screening test now available

You may have heard about Cologuard, a stool-based colorectal screening test that received FDA approval in 2014 and now is available by prescription. The noninvasive test …

Who’s your doctor? When it comes to colonoscopies, it matters.

When faced with the need for surgery, many people will seek advice from friends, family and other doctors before settling on a surgeon, but few patients are as diligent when it comes to choosing the physician who performs their colonoscopy. Does it matter? Very much so.

Leading the way in the war against colorectal cancer

There is progress in the war against cancer, and Gastrointestinal Associates is on the forefront of this effort. The overall risk of cancer death has decreased by 20 percent over the past two decades, with colon, breast and prostate cancers showing the most improvement. The American Cancer Society credits the shift to improved prevention, screening and treatment.