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    • 16 FEB 17
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    Reach your ideal weight with Ideal Protein

    Gastrointestinal Associates is pleased to announce the newest service in our GIA 180 weight loss program, aimed at helping people in East Tennessee get healthy and lose weight. GIA 180 is now an independent clinic approved by Ideal Protein to promote weight loss method and sell Ideal Protein meal replacement and supplement products. Ideal Protein

    • 17 SEP 16
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    GIA 180 leads the way in bariatric endoscopy

    As I shared at the 2016 GI Roundtable, I believe that helping patients lose weight and maintain weight loss is one of the single most effective treatments physicians can offer their patients to help them with long-term health. With endoscopic approaches for weight loss gaining traction, I see a real opportunity for weight management in

    • 08 SEP 16
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    GIA Welcomes Dr. Jason Huffman

    Dr. Jason L. Huffman has joined Gastrointestinal Associates (GIA), one of the Southeast’s leading GI practices. “Dr. Huffman comes to us with a solid background in gastroenterology and a clinical focus on endoscopy, making him an excellent fit with our physicians,” Gastrointestinal Associates CEO Jeff Dew said. “He shares our team’s commitment to the highest

    • 31 MAY 16
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    How ‘bulky’ is your fiber knowledge?

    Are you trying to follow a healthier lifestyle? If you’re looking for ways to boost your efforts, fiber can play an important role in helping you achieve that goal. Chances are you’ve heard before that consuming the recommended amount of dietary fiber is important for good health. Understanding the “why” behind that advice may strengthen